December 01, 2021
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Navratri 2021: nine shades of Navratri
गणेश चतुर्थी 2021: तिथि, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि और महत्व
जन्माष्टमी 2021: भगवान कृष्ण के जन्म
Subhadra Krishna aur Rakshabandhan
75वां स्वतंत्रता दिवस: इतिहास महत्व 😍😁
कृष्ण की दो माताओं की कहानी 🤱 🤱 🤱
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Navratri 2021: nine shades of Navratri गणेश चतुर्थी 2021: तिथि, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि और महत्व जन्माष्टमी 2021: भगवान कृष्ण के जन्म Subhadra Krishna aur Rakshabandhan 75वां स्वतंत्रता दिवस: इतिहास महत्व 😍😁 कृष्ण की दो माताओं की कहानी 🤱 🤱 🤱
श्री कृष्ण का अस्तित्व

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Yoga’s meaning could be a little more obvious. 

Bhakti comes from “Bhaj” which signifies ‘to be joined or given to’. It is unadulterated unselfish love blended in with veneration. 

Bhakti is the premise of all strict life. The Bhakti obliterates Vasanas and pride. Bhakti hoists the psyche to charitable statures. The Bhakti is the expert key to open the offices of intelligence. Bhakti finishes in Jnana. Bhakti starts in two and finishes in one. The individuals who battle on the point: “Which is prevalent Bhakti or Jnana?” are grabbing in obscurity. They have not perceived the genuine Tattva. Para Bhakti and Jnana are one. 

Bhakti or dedication as Anuraga or connection to the Lord prompts the most elevated great or the accomplishment of God-acknowledgment. The more grounded the connection, the speedier the acknowledgment. 

Prahlada says: “O Lord Hari, may I have a similar kind of significant withstanding love for Thee, which the common individuals appreciate for the momentary exotic objects of this universe. May not that Bliss vanish from my heart, when I consider Thee.” What a lovely meaning of Bhakti. These contemplations have exuded from the center of Prahlada’s heart. They are accused of serious inclination and commitment. 



Devotees walk

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

It is not difficult to have a thing that is excellent. God is the Beauty of marvels. Lord is the hotspot for all marvels. God is an encapsulation of undecaying excellence. So it is not difficult to adore God. 

On the off chance that you are connected to a limited, transitory item as spouse or child, you become hopeless when your better half or child bites the dust. Yet, in the event that you are appended to God you get interminable, limitless Bliss and harmony. A Bhakta yearns, consequently, to something long-lasting and endless. 

Without adoration man’s life is vacant. Without affection man lives to no end. Love is essential. It is all-plaguing. Love is an extraordinary force. Love is the sap of life. Give love. It will be given unto you. Develop this affection through assistance, Japa, Satsanga and reflection. 

Human love is all empty. It is simple creature fascination. It’s energy, animalistic love. It is narrow-minded love. It’s truly evolving. It is all lip service and a simple show. The spouse could do without her better half when he is in the part of joblessness. She scowls at him. The spouse loathes his significant other when she loses her excellence by virtue of some ongoing illness. You can discover genuine, enduring adoration in God alone. His adoration knows no change. 


A narrow minded man adores his body as it were. At that point he stretches out his adoration to his significant other, kids and companions. At the point when he develops a piece, he starts to cherish his own station individuals and the individuals who have a place with his own locale. Subsequently he adores individuals of his own territory. His heart further grows. At that point he cherishes individuals of his own country. Over the long haul, he fosters the sensation of all inclusive fraternity. He starts to cherish any man in any piece of the world. 

Dedication is the seed. Confidence is the root. Administration of Bhagavatas is the shower.

Self-give up is the blossom. Fellowship with the Lord is the organic product. This is the way of Bhakti Yoga. 

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide
Bal Shree Krishna

In Bhakti Yoga, no learning, no profound education of Vedas is required. What is needed is a reverential, true heart. Anybody can sing or rehash His Name. Tukaram was an unskilled worker. He was unable to try and sign his name. Through commitment and elegance of Lord Krishna he had super-intuitional information. His popular Abhangas or melodies are writings for M.A. understudies in Bombay University. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa additionally was an ignorant. At the point when he lived in Dakshineshwar sanctuary, he got heavenly information through the Grace of Mother Kaali and Advaita Guru Sri Swami Totapuri. 

From a cautious investigation of the existences of these two holy people, it is very evident that there is the wellspring of information inside the heart and that any one can draw from this source through genuine dedication. 

“I bow to Lord Narayana or Lord Siva or Lord Krishna.” This is Bhakti Yoga. “I’m the Self altogether.” This is Jnana Yoga. 


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide


Men in their social and homegrown connection foster love, friendship, Prema, Preeti, deference, veneration, wonderment and different assessments. This can’t fill the need of life. It is just when one creates commitment or Bhakti for God that one’s genuine motivation behind life is acquired. Dedication is the culmination of the above feelings. 

He doesn’t rehearse Pratyahara. It attempts to get himself suffocated in the Prema of the Lord. He endeavors to fix his brain either at His lotus-feet or enchanting face. Subsequently, Pratyahara follows unknowingly. A Raja Yogi rehearses Pratyahara intentionally. A Jnana Yogi doesn’t rehearse Pratyahara, yet attempts to distinguish himself with the secret self in all articles. He attempts to eliminate the shroud that covers the Atman inside the articles by the power of Vedantic Nididhyasana. He discredits the names and frames and recognizes himself with the all-invading secret cognizance. 

A wise says: “This world has emerged from Ananda (ecstasy); it remains alive in Ananda and it breaks down in Ananda.” A fan says: “This world has emerged from adoration; it remains alive in affection and it disintegrates in adoration.” In Ananda love is covered up. The savvy adores his own Atman. He is committed to his Atman. In affection, Ananda is covered up. The enthusiast cherishes his Beloved and moves in euphoria. 


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Dvaita (dualism), Vishishtadvaita (qualified monism) are various stages or various rungs in the philosophical stepping stool. The most elevated highest point is Advaita. The acknowledgment of Dvaitins and Vishishtadvaitins is likewise very evident and right from their angles. Somewhat more Sadhana and understanding will make them land in unadulterated Advaitic acknowledgment. 

In Bhakti Yoga, there are three things, viz., Lover, Beloved and Love. When the Lover realizes that he is indistinguishable with the Beloved, there is an end for Bhakti. Jnana day breaks. Duality evaporates. Who is to cherish whom now? 

As per Advaita Vedanti, dedication is steady speculation on the recipe, “I’m he” or “I’m Brahman.” 

A Bhakta says: “Get information on God first. At that point just will get Prema, love or dedication for Him.” A Jnani says in the alternate way: “Information is the product of Bhakti or commitment.” 

Wonderful information is all affection. Wonderful love is all information. 

Similarly as the taking of food brings Tushti (fulfillment), Pushti (sustenance for the body), and end of appetite, so likewise Bhakti brings Vairagya and Jnana simultaneously. 


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Bhakti obliterates selfishness and Vasanas similarly as the fire annihilates the wood. The Bhaktas could do without Mukti even. They lean toward consistently to chat with one another about the Lord, to serve the Bhagavatas, poor people and the wiped out, to sing His Name and wonders, to do surrenders unto Him, to forfeit everything unto Him, to accept Him as their Supreme Goal and to do unlimited, open self-give up unto Him. Mukti comes to them unasked. Mukti is their hand-servant. The Vibhutis of the Lord, Siddhis and Riddhis are theirs however they don’t need them. 

Unswerving Bhakti or commitment to the Lord and the organization of Bhagavatas are the way to accomplish Supreme Bliss. 

Puja is love of the Lord. This is Upasana which assists the fan with sitting close to the Lord or to community with Him. It filters the heart and steadies the psyche. and fills the brain with Suddha Bhava and Prema or unadulterated love for the Lord. It continuously changes man into a heavenly being. 


Have serious love towards Lord Krishna’s name (Bhagavan-Nam-Prem). Every one of your torments will reach a conclusion. Draupadi took asylum in His Name when she was in extraordinary pain. The Lord saved her. 

Confidence or Bhakti in Hari alone can bring salvation. Develop a brilliant sanctuary inside your heart. Master Krishna needs your earnest commitment as it were. 

God is love. Love recovers, binds together and hoists.

Love is addressed by the blessing. Delight is addressed by singing. 

There is no ethicalness higher than affection. There is no fortune higher than affection. No Dharma higher than adoration. There is no religion higher than affection, since adoration is God and God is Love. Love refines. Prem changes. Love recovers. Love stifles. Subsequently ignite the light of adoration in your heart, O Beloved Prem. 


The Bhakti Seeker:

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

There is no force more prominent than affection. Out of affection the nebulous Brahman appears as Lord Hari with four hands to satisfy His enthusiasts. The Lord pursues His lovers with food and water in His grasp even into the woodlands. It was love that constrained Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, Ekanath and numerous different holy people to show the mysteries of sacred writings to humanity. Love is a wizardry bar in the possession of an enthusiast. He uses it in a superb way and brings the entire world under his influence. He who is invested with unadulterated love is the genuine sovereign of the three universes. 

Prema is serious, sacrificial unadulterated love to the Lord. Pyar is concentrated love. Prema carries the aficionado vis-à-vis with the Lord. Bhakti comes full circle in Prema. Prema is Divine Nectar. Prema annihilates agonies and distresses and makes one unfading, merry and quiet. It is hard to depict the idea of Prema. You should encounter it yourself. Develop it through Japa, Smaran, Kirtan, Satsanga, supplication, administration of enthusiasts and investigation of the Ramayana, the Bhagavata, and so on 


Love in religion is a Science. It is the overflowing of the core of a lover on his Beloved. It is the characteristic result of an aficionado when he is liberated from the contaminations and interruptions of his brain. There is Ananda in affection. Love is a strange heavenly power that changes man into Divinity. It is the adoration which sets up a genuine fellowship with the Lord. 

The inclination to adore is regular and is embedded in the hearts, everything being equal. There is indeed no individual of any sort who has not a characteristic inclination to cherish and to be moved by affection. You should foster this normal feeling of adoration to a significant degree. We should decontaminate it by obliterating narrow-mindedness of various kinds. You should make it general. 

The world’s need today is the message of Love. Ignite the light of adoration in your heart. Love all. Remember all animals for the warm hug of your affection. Countries can be joined by unadulterated love as it were. Universal conflict can be put to end by shared love as it were. The League of Nations can’t do a lot. Love is a puzzling heavenly paste that joins the hearts of all. It is a Divine otherworldly mending salve of high strength.


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Accuse each activity of unadulterated love. Execute finesse, ravenousness, warpedness and narrow-mindedness. It is very savage to remove the existences of others by utilizing noxious gas. This is a capital sin. The researcher who readies the gas in the lab will be rebuffed by the Lord. Disregard not the day of judgment. What will you say to the Lord at that point, O ye humans, who pursue influence, territories and riches? Have a perfect still, small voice and a caring heart. You will enter the Kingdom of God. 

Foster general love. This will assist you with living calmly with all men and all animals. Love and harmony are indistinguishable. Any place there is love, there is harmony and any place there is harmony there is love. 

Foster a heart that will begin crying uncontrollably of delight at the Name of the Lord. Permit the floods of affection to emerge continually in your heart. Feel the glow of the Divine hug. Luxuriate in the daylight of Divine love. Taste the delight of the everlasting. Drink profound the nectar of heavenly love. 

a Group of devotee performing chanting for HIS GOD Lord KRISHNA.
a Group of devotee performing chanting for HIS GOD Lord KRISHNA.


Do you truly need God? You truly hunger for His Darshan? Do you have genuine otherworldly yearning? You may convey exciting talks on Bhakti. You may compose a few volumes on Bhakti Yoga but then you may not have a grain of commitment. He who craves Darshan of God will foster love. Unto him, He will uncover Himself. God is an issue of market interest. On the off chance that there is true interest for God, the inventory will come on the double. 

In Bhakti Marga five things are imperatively essential. (1) Bhakti ought to be of a Nishkamya type. (2) It ought to be Avyabhicharini too. (3) It ought to be Sadat (nonstop). (4) The applicant ought to have total Sadachara (right lead). (5) The competitor ought to be intense and must in right sincere do the practices. At that point acknowledgment comes rapidly. 

Without diagram or compass it is hard to run a boat in the sea. All things being equal, it is hard to have a protected journey in this expanse of Samsara without a restrained or all around controlled life, without right direct and dedication to the Lord. 


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Language of affection is the language of tears. Wash the Lotus Feet of the Lord continually with your tears of apology, Viraha and Prema in the sanctuary of your heart. You will meet now your Beloved. You will appreciate now the joy of fellowship with the Lord. 

In any event, for a fourth of a second, the time taken for the eyelids to close and open, if your psyche doesn’t flee from the lotus-feet of the Lord, i.e., if your commitment resembles Taila-dhara (stream of oil) consistently, you will have the entire abundance of the three universes available to you. The Lord gives a guarantee with this impact certainly. He will follow such an aficionado any place he goes. He wears the residue of his feet as His Tilak on His brow. 

Sudama came to see Lord Krishna, his companion. Ruler Krishna was conversing with Radha. As Sudama was clad in clothes, he was wondering whether or not to enter the royal residence. The gatekeeper educated Lord Krishna: “O Lord, a helpless Brahmin named Sudama who is dressed in clothes is anticipating at the door of the castle.” Sri Krishna didn’t permit the watchman to talk a word more. The word Sudama was sufficient.

The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide
Holding mala beads


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

He ran out of the room barefooted crying: “O My dear Sudama, my sweet companion.” Radha was somewhat irritated, on the grounds that Sri Krishna left the room suddenly without disclosing to her a word even. Krishna came inside the castle in no time flat with Sudama. He saw that Radha was feeling pitiful. they knew the reason. He said to her “Dear Radha, pardon me. I’m the captive of my fans. I love them more than my actual self.” Lord Krishna situated Sudama in his own seat and grabbed the bundle of prepared rice from Sudama, as he was feeling timid to give this helpless present. 

Ruler Krishna put into his mouth the heated rice and said in blissful delight: “O Radha, never, at no other time did I taste a particularly agreeable thing.” 


The Bhakti Seeker: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

At the point when you have made a solid purpose to do Japa or contemplation for a couple of hours, you should do it gradually with dedication. we should not hustle along rapidly with an unsettled psyche thinking about some other work, similarly as the worker for hire of a structure hustles along his work with awful materials and bamboozles the landowner. You can’t misdirect God. we will mislead ourselves. You won’t get the full advantage of Japa and Dhyana. 

Steadiness in love of God is called Nishtha. The lover gets himself grounded in his dedication to the Lord. The fan gets Aasakti or connection to the Lord when he advances in his commitment and ensuing profundity of reflection. 

Sing the names of the Lord. Sing His characteristics. Recollect Him. Ponder His characteristics. This is the pith of Bhakti Yoga. 

At the point when you have amazing commitment and love towards God (Poorna Prema), the entire world will be heavily influenced by you.

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