December 01, 2021
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Navratri 2021: nine shades of Navratri
गणेश चतुर्थी 2021: तिथि, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि और महत्व
जन्माष्टमी 2021: भगवान कृष्ण के जन्म
Subhadra Krishna aur Rakshabandhan
75वां स्वतंत्रता दिवस: इतिहास महत्व 😍😁
कृष्ण की दो माताओं की कहानी 🤱 🤱 🤱
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Navratri 2021: nine shades of Navratri गणेश चतुर्थी 2021: तिथि, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि और महत्व जन्माष्टमी 2021: भगवान कृष्ण के जन्म Subhadra Krishna aur Rakshabandhan 75वां स्वतंत्रता दिवस: इतिहास महत्व 😍😁 कृष्ण की दो माताओं की कहानी 🤱 🤱 🤱
chaitanya maha prabhu



Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was brought into the world in Mayarpur in the town of Nadia, soon after nightfall on the evening of the 23rd Falgun, 1407 Advent of Sakabda offering an explanation to the eighteenth Februrary, 1486 of the Christian time. The moon was obscured at the hour of His introduction to the world and individuals of Nadia were then drawn in, as regular on such events, in washing in the Bhagirathi with noisy cheers of Haribol. His dad Jagannath Misra was a helpless Brahmin of the Vedic request, and His mom Sachi Devi was a model decent lady,

both plummeted from Brahmin stocks initially living in Sylhet. Mahaprabhu was a delightful Child and the women of the town came to see Him with presents. His mom’s dad. Pandit Nilambar Chakravarti, a famous celestial prophet, anticipated that the Child – would be an incredible Personage on schedule ; and he hence, gave Him the name Visvambhar.

The women of the area styled Him Gaur Hari because of His brilliant appearance, and His mom called

Him Nimai by virtue of the Nim tree near which He was conceived.

Excellent as the fellow was each one generously wanted to see Him ordinary. As He grew up. He turned into an eccentric and happy Lad. After His fifth year, He was conceded into a Pathsala where He got Bengali in a brief time frame. 


Early Anecdotes 

The majority of His contemporary biographers have referenced certain tales in regards to Sri Chaitanya which are straightforward records of His initial marvels.

It is said that, when He was a newborn child in His mom’s arms, He sobbed persistently, and when the

adjoining women and His mom cried Haribol, be utilized to stop.

Along these lines there was a continuation of the expression of Haribol in the house,

foreshowing the future mission of the Hero. It has additionally been expressed, that, when His mom once gave Him sweetmeats to eat, He ate dirt rather than the food. His mom requesting

the explanation, He expressed that, as each sweetmeat was only dirt changed, He could eat mud also. 

His mom who was likewise the associate of a Pandit clarified, that each article in an extraordinary state was adjusted to an exceptional use.

Earth, while in the state o a container, could be utilized as a water-pot, yet in the condition of a block such a utilization was unrealistic. Dirt, accordingly, as sweetmeats was usable as food and not mud in its different states.

The Lad was persuaded and conceded His idiocy in eating mud and consented to stay away from the

slip-up in future. Another extraordinary demonstration has been connected. It is said that a Brahmin on journey



turned into a visitor in His home, prepared his food and read his beauty with reflection on Krishna. Meanwhile, the Lad came and gobbled up the cooked rice. The Brahmin amazed at the Lad’s demonstration cooked again in line with Jagannath Misra. The Lad again gobbled up the cooked rice while the Brahmin was offering the rice to Krishna with contemplation. The Brahmin was convinced to cook for the third time. This time every one of the prisoners

of the house had nodded off and the Lad showed Himself as Krishna to the explorer and favored him. The Brahmin was then lost in bliss at the presence of the Object of his love. It has additionally been expressed that two hoodlums

took away the Lad from His dad’s entryway so as to purloin His gems and gave Him sweetmeats in transit. The Lad practiced His fanciful energy and misled t he cheats back towards His Own home. The criminals because of a paranoid fear of identification, left the Boy there and escaped. 

Another inexplicable demonstration has been depicted of the Lad’s requesting and getting from Hiranya and Jagadisha every one of the contributions they had gathered for adoring Krishna upon the arrival of Ekadasi. At the point when just four years old. He sat on dismissed cooking pots which were thought about unholy by His mom.

He disclosed to His mom that there was no doubt of blessedness and un-sacredness as respects earthen

pots discarded after the cooking was finished. These tales identify with the young age up to the fifth year. 



In His eighth year. He was conceded into the Tol of Gangadas Pandit in Ganganagar nearby the town of Mayapur. In two years, He turned out to be very much perused in Sanskrit Grammar and Rhetoric. His readings after that were of the idea of self-concentrate in His Own home, where He had tracked down terrifically significant books having a place with His dad who was a Pandit himself.

Apparently He read the Smriti all alone, and the Nyaya likewise, in contest with His companions who

were then concentrating under the observed Pandit Raghunath Siromani. 

Presently, after the 10th year of His age, Chaitanya turned into an acceptable researcher in Grammar, Rehotiric, the Smrti and Nyaya. It was after this that His senior sibling Vishwarup ventured out from home and acknowledged the asram (status) of a sannyasi (plain).

Educational Career 

Chaitanya, however an extremely young man, reassured His folks saying that He would serve them with a view to please God. Soon after that, His dad left this world. His mom was really heartbroken, and Mahaprabhu, with His normally satisfied appearance, supported His bereaved mother. 

It was at fourteen years old or fifteen that Mahaprabhu was hitched to Laksmhi Devi, the girl of Ballabha Acharya, likewise of Nadia. He was at this age considered as perhaps the best researcher of Nadia, the eminent seat of Nyaya reasoning and Sakskrit learning. Not to talk about the smarta pandits, the naiyaiks were all scared of standing up to Him in scholarly conversations. Being a hitched man, He went to Eastern Bengal on the banks of the Padma for securing of riches. There He showed His learning and acquired

a decent amount of cash. It was as of now that He lectured Vaishnavism at stretches. Subsequent to showing him the standards of Vaishnavism, He requested Tapan Misra to proceed to live in Benares. During His home in East Bengal, His better half Lakshmi Devi left this world from the impacts of snakebite. On getting back, He discovered His mom in a grieving state.

He comforted her with a talk on the vulnerability of human issues. It was at His mom’s solicitation that He wedded Vishnupriya, the girl of Rakj pandit Sanatan Misra. His companions went along with Him on His reutrn from pravas, or visit. He was currently prestigious to such an extent that He was viewed as the best pandit in Nadia.



Keshab Misra of Kashmere, who has considered himself the Great Digvijayi, came to Nadia so as to examine with the pandits, of that spot.

Scared of the supposed overcoming pandit, the tol teachers of Nadia left their town on affectation of greeting. Keshab met Mahaprabhu at the Barokonaghat in Mayapura, and after a short conversation with Him he got crushed by

the kid and humiliation obliged him to decampt. Nimai pandit was currently the main Pandit of His occasions. 

It was at sixteen years old or seventeen that He made a trip to Gaya with a large group of His understudies, and there took His otherworldly inititation from Iswar Puri, a Vaishnava sannyasi, and a devotee of the

prestigious Madhavendra Puri. Upon His re-visitation of Nadia, Nimai Pandit turned out a strict minister and His strict nature turned out to be so unequivocally addressed that Avdaita Prabhu, Sribas and the other people who had

Educational Career 

before the introduction of Chaitanya previously acknowledged the Vaishnava confidence, were surprised at the difference in the youngster. He was then not any more a fighting naiyaika, a fighting smarta and a censuring rhetorician. He fainted at the name of Krishna and acted as a propelled man affected by His strict conclusion.

It has been depicted by Murari Gupta, an observer that, He showed His great forces in the place of

Srivas Pandit within the sight of many His devotees who were for the most part all around read researchers. It was right now that He opened a nighttime school of Kirtan in the compound of Srivas Pandit with His

earnest adherents. There He lectured, there He sang, there He moved and there He communicated a wide range of strict sentiments. Nityananda Prabhu who was then an evangelist of Vaishnavism and who had then

finished his movements all over India, gone along with Him at that point. Indeed, a large group of Pandit ministers of Vaishnavism all earnest on a fundamental level, came and went along with Him from various pieces of

Bengal. Nadia currently turned into the normal seat of a large group of Vaishnava Acharyas whose mission

it was to spiritualize humanity with the most noteworthy impact of the Vaishnava belief. 


Lecturing and Sankirtan (SRI CAITANYA MAHAPRABHU)

The principal command that He gave to Prabhu Nityananda and Haridas was this: “Go companions, go lecturing and through the roads of the town, meet each man at his entryway and request him to sing the Name from Hari with a blessed life and you at that point come and report to Me each evening the aftereffect of your proclaiming.” Thus requested, the two ministers went on and met Jagai and Madhai the two most terrible characters. They offended the ministers on hearing Mahaprabhu’s order however were before long changed over by the impact of Bhakti taught by their Lord. Individuals of Nadia were presently shocked.

They said, Nimai Pandit isn’t just a massive virtuoso yet He is absolutely a Missionary from God Almighty.” From this opportunity to His 23rd year, Mahaprabhu lectured His standards in Nadia as well as in exceptionally significant towns and towns around His city. In the places of His devotees. He showed supernatural occurrences, shown the recondite standards of Bhakti and sang His Sankirtan with other Bkaktas. Hello there s supporters of the town of Nadia started to sing the Holy Name of Hari in the roads and bazars. This drummed up some excitement and awakened various sentiments in various quarters. The Bhaktas were profoundly satisfied. 

The Smarta Brahmins got desirous of Nimai Pandit’s prosperity and grumbled to Chand Kazi against the personality of Chaitanya as un-Hindu. The Kazi came to Srivas Pandit’s home and broke a Mridanga {khol) there and proclaimed, that except if Nimai Pandit would stop to make commotion about His eccentric religion, he ought to be obliged to authorize Mohammedanism on Him and His adherents. This was brought to Mahaprabhu’s notification. He requested the town individuals to show up in the evening, each with a light in his grasp. 



It was after this that a portion of the envious and low disapproved of Brahmins of Kulia got a squabble with Mahaprabhu and gathered a gathering to go against Him. Nimai Pandit was normally a caring Person however solid in His standards. He announced that gathering feeling and sectarianism were the two extraordinary adversaries of progress, and as long as He should keep on being an occupant of Nadia having a place with a specific family, His central goal would not meet with complete achievement.

He at that point set out to be a resident of the world by removing His association with a specific family, standing and doctrine and with this goal He accepted the situation of a Sannyasi at Katoa under the direction of Keshav Bharati of that town, on that 24th year of His age. His mom and spouse sobbed harshly for His detachment, however our Hero however delicate in heart, was a tough Person on a fundamental level He went out for the limitless profound universe of Krishna with humanity all in all. 



After His Sannyas He was actuated to visit the place of Sri Advaita Prabhu in Santipur. Sri Advaita figured out how to welcome every one of his companions and admirers from Nadia and carried Sachi Devi to see her Son. Both joy and torment attacked her heart when she saw her Son in the clothing of a Sannyasi. As a Sannyasi, Sri Krishna Chaitanya put on only a kaupin and a bahirvas (external covering). His head was without hair

and His hands bore a danda (stick) and a kamandalu (recluse’s water pot). The Holy child fell at the feet of His darling mother and said, “Mother! This body is yours and I should submit to your orders. License Me to go to Vrindavan for My otherworldly achievements”. The Mother in meeting with Sri Advaita and others requested that her Son dwell in Puri (town of Lord Jagannatha) so she may acquire some data about Him sometimes. 

Mahaprabhu consented to that suggestion and in a couple of days left Santipur for Orissa. His biographers have depicted the excursion of Sri Krishna Chaitanya (that was the name He got after His Sannyas)from Santipur to Puri exhaustively. 

He went at the edge of the Bhagirathi to the extent Chhatrabhog arranged now in Thana Mathurapur Diamond Harbor, 24 Parganas. There He took a boat and went the extent that Prayag Ghat in the Midnapore District. Thereupon He strolled through Balasore and Cuttack to Puri, seeing the sanctuary of Bhubaneswar on His way. Upon His landing in Puri He saw Lord Jagannath in the sanctuary and set up with Sarvabhauma in line with the last mentioned. 


Sarvabhauma and Vedanta 

Sarvbhauma was a huge Pandit of the day. His readings knew no limits. He was the best Naiyaik of the occasions, and was known as the most intelligent researcher in the Vedanta Philosophy of the school of Sankaracharya. was brought into the world in Nadia (Vidyanagar) and showed incalculable students in the Nyaya Philosophy in his Tol there. He had left for Puri at times before the introduction of Nimai Pandit. His brother by marriage, Gopinath Misra, acquainted our new Sannyasi with Sarvabhauma who was shocked at His own magnificence, and expected that it would be hard for the youngster to keep up Sannyas-dharma during the since a long time ago run of His life. Gopinath who had realized Mahaprabhu from Nadia had an extraordinary worship for Him and told everybody that the Sannyasi was not a typical individual. On this point, Gropinath and

Sarvabhauma had a hot conversation. Sarvabhauma at that point mentioned Mahaprabhu to hear his recitation of the Vedanta Sutras to which the last implicitly submitted . Sri Chaitanya heard with quietness what the incomparable Sarvabhauma expressed with gravity, for seven days, toward the finish of which the last said, ”Krishna Chaitanya! I figure you don’t comprehend the Vedanta, as you don’t utter a word subsequent to hearing my recitations and clarifications.” The answer of Sri Chaitanya was that He comprehended the Sutras quite well, however He was unable to make out what Sankaracharya implied by his discourses. Dumbfounded at this, Sarvabhauma said, “How could it be that you comprehend the implications of the Sutras and don’t comprehend the analyses which clarify the Sutras? Ok well! On the off chance that you comprehend the Sutras, kindly let me have your understandings.” 



Mahaprabhu consequently clarified every one of the Sutras in His Own manner without contacting the Pantheistic critique of Sankara. The sharp comprehension of Sarvabbauma saw reality, excellence and concordance of contentions in the clarifications given by Sri Chaitanya and obliged him to absolute that it was the first occasion when that he discovered One, Who could clarify the Brahma-Sutras in a particularly basic way.

He conceded likewise, that the critiques of Sankara never gave such common clarifications of the Vedanta-Sutras as he had acquired from Mahaprabhu. He at that point submitted himself as a supporter and devotee. In a couple of days Sarvabhabma turned out as probably the best vaishnava of the time. Report ran out and the entire of Orissa sang the commendation of Krishna Chaitanya, and a great many came to Him and turned into His adherents. Meanwhile, Mahaprabhu considered visiting Southern India, and He began with one Krishnadas Brahmin for the Journey. 

Visit in Southern India (SRI CAITANYA MAHAPRABHU)


His biographers have given us a detail of the excursion. He previously went to Kurmakshetra where He played out a miarcle by restoring an outsider named Vasudeva. Was met Ramananda Rai the Governor of Vidyanagar, on the banks of the Godavari and had a philosophical discussion with him regarding the matter of Prem-bhakti and worked another wonder by contacting (making them promptly, vanish) the seven Tal trees, through which Ram Chandra, the Son of Dasarath, had shot His bolt and executed the incomparable Bali Raj. 

His lectured Vaishnavism and Nam Sankiratan all through the excursion. At Rangakshetra, He remained for a very long time in the place of one Venkata Bhatta to spend the stormy season. There He changed over the entire group of Venkata from Ramanuja Vaishnavism into Krishna-bhakti, alongside the child of Venkata, a kid of ten years named Gopal, who a while later came to Vrindavan and got one of six Gosvamins or Prophets serving under their Leader Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Prepared up in Sanskrit by his uncle Prabodhananda Sarasvati, Gopal composed a few books on Vaishnavism. 

Sri Chaitanya visited various spots in Southern India to the extent Cape Comorin, and got back to Puri in two years by Pandarpur on the Bhima. In this last spot He spiritualized one Tukaram who became from that time a strict evangelist himself. This reality has been conceded in his Abhangas which have been gathered in a volume by Mr. Satyendranath Tagore of the Bombay Civil Service. 

During His excursion He had conversations with the Buddhists, the Jains and the Mayavadis in a few places, and changed His rivals over to Vaishnavism. 

Dabir Khas and Sakar Mallik recovered (SRI CAITANYA MAHAPRABHU)


Upon His re-visitation of Puri, Raja Prataparudra Dev and a few Pandit Brahmins joined the flag of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He was presently 27 years old. In his 28th year he went to Bengal to the extent Gaud in Maldah. 

There He got two more noteworthy personages named Rupa and Sanatan. Despite the fact that slid from the lines of the Karnatik Brahmins, these two siblings turned out demi Musalmans by their persistent contact with Hussain Shah, the then Emperor of Gaud. Their names had been changed by the Emperor into Dabir Khas and Sakar Mallik and their lord cherished them generously, as they were both educated in Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit and

were steadfast workers of the state. The two men of honor had discovered no real way to return as normal Hindus, and had kept in touch with Mahaprabhu. while He was at Puri for otherworldly assistance. Mahaprabhu had written in answer that He would come to them and remove them out of their profound challenges. Since He had come to Gaud, both the siblings showed up before Him with their long standing supplication. Mahaprabhu requested them to go to Vrindavan and meet Him there. 

Directions to Rupa and Sanatan (SRI CAITANYA MAHAPRABHU)

Chaitanya got back to Puri through Santipur where He again met His dear mother. After a short stay at Puri, He left for Vrindavan. This time He was joined by one Balabhadra Bhattacharya. He visited Vrindavan and came down to Prayag (Allahabad,) changing over countless Mohammedans not by the sacred texts of Vaishnavism but rather by contention from the Quran. The relatives of those believers are as yet known as Pathan Vaishnavas. Rupa Gosvami met Him at Allahabad. Sri Chaitanya prepared him up in otherworldliness in ten days

and guided him to go to Vrindavan on missions. His first mission was to compose philosophical works clarifying logically unadulterated Bhakti and Prem. The subsequent mission was to restore where Krishna Chandra had, toward the finish of Dvapara yuga, showed His spirtual Lila to help the strict world. Rupa Gosvami left Allahabad for Vrindavan and Mahaprabhu came down to Benares. There He set up in the place of Chandrasekhar and acknowledged His day by day bhiksha (supper) in the place of Tapan Misra. Here it was, that Sanatan Gosvami went along with Him and took guidance for a very long time in otherworldly matters. 

The biographers, uniquely Krishnadas Kaviraj have given us subtleties of Sri Chaitanya’s lessons to Rupa and Sanatan. Krishnadas was not a contemporary author, but rather he assembled his data from the Gosvamins themselves, the immediate devotees of Mahaprabhu. Jiva Gosvami, who was nephew of Sanatan and Rupa and who has left us his significant work, the Sat-sandarbha, has philosophized on the statutes of his extraordinary Leader. We have assembled and summed up the statutes of Sri Chaitanya from the books of those extraordinary journalists. 

Prakashananda Saraswati (SRI CAITANYA MAHAPRABHU)

While at Benares Sri Chaitanya had a meeting with the learned. Sannyasis of that town in the place of a Maharatta Brahmin who had welcomed every one of the sannyasis as a diversion. At this meeting Chaitanya showed a supernatural occurrence which pulled in all the samnyasis to Him. At that point resulted proportional discussion. The Sannyasis were going by their most educated pioneer Prakasananda Sarasvati. After a short discussion, they submitted to Mahaprabhu and  conceded that they had been deluded by the editorials of Sankaracharya.

It was outlandish in any event, for learned researchers to go against Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for quite a

while, as there was some spell in Him which contacted their hearts, and caused them to sob for their

otherworldly improvement. Sannyasis of Benares before long fell at the Feet of Sri Chaitanya and requested His beauty (kripa). 

Sri Chaitanya at that point lectured unadulterated Bhakti and ingrained into their souls otherworldly love for Krishna which obliged them to surrender partisan sentiments. The entire of Benares, on this awesome change of the Sannyasis, turned out Vaishnavas, and they made an expert ‘Sankirtan with their new Lord. In the wake of sending Sanatan to Vrindavan, Mahapraphu went to Puri again by the wildernesses with His confidant Balabhadra.

Balabhadra announced that Mahaprabhu had shown a decent numerous supernatural occurrences on

His approach to Puri, for example, making tigers and elephants dance on hearing the Name of Krishna. 

Get together at Puri 

From this time, i.e, from His 31st year, Mahaprabhu persistently lived in Puri in the place of Kasi Misra, until His vanishing in His forty-eighth year at the hour of Sankirtan in the sanctuary of Tota Gopinath. During these 18 years, His life was one of settled love and devotion.

He was encircled by various supporters, every one of whom were of the greatest request of

the Vaishnavas and recognized from the ordinary citizens by their most perfect character and

learning, firm strict standards and profound love in Radha-Krishna. 

Svarup Damodar, who had been known by the name of Purushottam Acharya while Mahaprabhu was in Nadia, went along with Him from Benares, and acknowledged His administration as His secretary.

No creation of any writer or thinker could be laid before Mahaprabhu, except if Svarup has passed

it as unadulterated and helpful. Rai Ramananda was his subsequent mate. 



Both he and Svarup sang, while Mahaprabhu communicated His opinion on a specific mark of love. Parmanada Puri was His pastor in issue of religion. There are many things given by His biographers, which we don’t think it mention here to imitate. Mahaprabhu dozed short. His estimations conveyed Him far and far in

the atmosphere of otherworldliness, consistently and night, and every one of His admirers and devotees watched Him all through. He venerated, spoke with His evangelists at Vrindavan, and speaked with those strict men who recently stayed with Him. He sang and moved, took no consideration of Himself and customarily lost Himself in strict delight. All who came to Him, trusted Him as the All Beautiful God, showing up in the underworld to support humankind. He adored His mom from the start, and sent her mahaprasad once in a while with the individuals

who went to Nadia. He was generally affable in nature. Modesty was embodied in Him. His sweet appearance offered cheers to all who interacted with Him. He selected Prabhu Nityananda as the evangelist accountable for Bengal.

He dispatched six pupils (Gosvamins) to Vrindavan to lecture love in the up-country. rebuffed

the entirety of His followers who strayed from a sacred life. This He especially did on account of junior Haridas. He never needed giving appropriate guidelines in life to the individuals who requested them.

His treatment to Haridas (senior) will show how He cherished otherworldly men and how

He resisted position differentiation if there should arise an occurrence of profound fellowship.






NARASHIMA (Victory of good over evil)

the life with RAM Qualities


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