December 01, 2021
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Navratri 2021: nine shades of Navratri
गणेश चतुर्थी 2021: तिथि, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि और महत्व
जन्माष्टमी 2021: भगवान कृष्ण के जन्म
Subhadra Krishna aur Rakshabandhan
75वां स्वतंत्रता दिवस: इतिहास महत्व 😍😁
कृष्ण की दो माताओं की कहानी 🤱 🤱 🤱
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Navratri 2021: nine shades of Navratri गणेश चतुर्थी 2021: तिथि, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि और महत्व जन्माष्टमी 2021: भगवान कृष्ण के जन्म Subhadra Krishna aur Rakshabandhan 75वां स्वतंत्रता दिवस: इतिहास महत्व 😍😁 कृष्ण की दो माताओं की कहानी 🤱 🤱 🤱
भगवान विष्णु

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Table of Contents

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Beginning of Lord Vishnu

vishnu puran

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Allow us first to learn about the beginning of Lord Vishnu

Reference: Shreemad Devi Bhagwat Maha Puran, Sachitra Mota type Hindi, Printer Hanuman Prasad Poddar-Chimanlal Goswami, printed by Gita Press Gorakhpur, Concise Devi Bhagwat.

Page no 123, Skand 3, Adhyay 5 gives proof

Who are the Mother and Father of Lord Vishnu?

Who are the siblings of Lord Vishnu?

God Vishnu is petitioning Durga Ji “You are unadulterated. This whole universe is here a result of you. I (Vishnu), Brahma, and Shankar are existing a direct result of your beauty. We take birth (aavirbhaav) and pass on (tirobhaav). We are not endless (eternal). Just you are everlasting. You are the lone, you are the maker of this universe (Jagat-Janani), are Prakriti, Bhakti and Sanatani Goddess”

Shreemad Devibhagwat Mahapuran, Sabhashtikam Smahatyam, Khemraj Shri Krishan Das Prakashan, Mumbai. Hindi interpretation alongside Sanskrit, Skand 3, Adhyay 4, Page 10, Shlok 42.

Master Vishnu says ‘Gracious Mother! Brahma, I, Shiv take birth from your impact just, are not unceasing ie. we are not godlike, at that point how could other Indra, and so on Divine beings are endless. Just you are eternal, are Prakriti and Sanatani Devi’

krishna vishnu
History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Shlok 12 ‘You are continually multiplying (lovemaking) with your better half purush ie. Kaal God. No one knows your state’.

End: This demonstrates that Lord Vishnu ji is started from Goddess Durga and Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan). He takes birth and passes on. He isn’t undying. Ruler Vishnu is the center child, the senior being Lord Brahma and more youthful being Lord Shiva. Truth be told, they all are not unfading.

Master Vishnu is furnished with Satoguna, his job is that of the sustainer of the three loks (Heaven, Earth and the Nether world) in the 21 Brahamands of Kaal. He sustains living creatures (as indicated by their activities) and keeps up the state by creating adoration and warmth. As indicated by gossip and fables, he is accepted to be the preserver and defender.

Goddess Laxmi is his associate. He is four-equipped and holds four items addressing the things he is liable for. The Shankh (conch), the Sudarshan chakra (plate), the lotus bloom (Padma) and the Kaumodaki Gada (mace). The vehicle of Lord Vishnu is Garuda, a falcon.

Vishnu Ji hued Blue?

For what reason is Vishnu Ji hued Blue?

When Lord Vishnu Ji to look through his dad (Kaal-Brahm) as coordinated by his mom Goddess Durga went to Patal Lok (Nether world), where there was ‘Sheshnaag’. On seeing Vishnu going into his locale, he splashed his toxin angrily on Vishnu in light of which Vishnu’s skin tone became dark under the impact of the toxin. From that point forward the shade of Lord Vishnu is blue/dark.

What are the various names of Lord Vishnu?

Ruler Vishnu is welcomed with a ton of names. Few are:- Adinath, Adishesh, Akshaj, Ameyatma, Amritya, Chakradhar, Chaturbhuj, Dashavatara, Gadhadhar, Narayana, Kamalakar, Harinarayan, Jagannath, Kamalnath, Keshav, Lakshmipati, Lakshmidhar, Liladhar, Loknath, Madhav, Madhuban, Namdev, Narasimha, Padmanaabhan, Padmapati, Parashuram, Pitambar, Purshottam, Ram, Ramakant, Shree Hari and so forth

Symbols (manifestation) of Lord Vishnu

Symbols (manifestation) of Lord Vishnu

Individuals of the world accept that there have been 23 symbols (manifestations) of Lord Vishnu till now, 24th is yet to manifest. They are:-

Varah Avatar

Narad Avatar

Nar-Narayan Avtar

Kapil Muni AvtarDattatrey Avtaar

Yagya Avtaar

Rishabhdev Avtaar

Aadiraja Prithu Avatar

Matsya Avatar .

Kurma Avtaar

Dhanwantri Avtaar

Mohini Avtaar

Narsingh Avtaar

Vamana Avtaar

Haigreev Avtaar

Shree Hari Avtaar

Rishi Vedvyas Avtaar

Hans Avtaar

ShreeRam Avtaar

ShreeKrishan AvtaarBuddha Avatar

Shri Sankadik Muni Avata

Parashuram Avtaar.

Much anticipated ‘Kalki Avtar’ which is yet to occur.

Symbols (manifestation) of Lord Vishnu

Kalki Avtaar

Reference Shreemad Bhagwat, Dwadash Skandh, second part ‘Kalyug ka Dharm’, page no. 935-936.

Ruler Vishnu’s last symbol expected is ‘Kalki Avtar’ before the finish of Kalyug. Allow us to dissect what does blessed sacred texts tell?

Shree Shukradev Ji reveals to King Parikshit- – ‘The time is exceptionally incredible. As Kalyug will move toward the reformist religion, truth, Holiness, absolution, leniency, age, life and memory will be canceled. As Kalyug will build implies before the finish of Kalyug, the time of individuals will lessen. At when ‘Kalki named manifestation will manifest human’s definitive age will be only 20 years five years out of that will be invalidated, implies at 15 years old years, they will be conceived, they will actually want to create and will bite the dust too. A five-year-old young lady kid will actually want to create kids. Individuals’ conduct will be more awful, Kings will likewise get unreasonable. Every one of the four standings individuals will become like ‘Shudras’ (most reduced Hindu station). Cows will happen to goats size, little, and low milch cows.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

The climate condition will be most noticeably awful. Around then houses will not remain. All will live in segments by burrowing openings. Downpours will not occur. Furious tempests will blow. Quakes will come. Flick ring will blow and everybody will be meat-eaters.

‘Sukshma Veda’ is an end, its total natural. This is clarified in ‘Sukshma Veda’ moreover. In that it is composed that King ‘Harishchandra’ (by and by enthroned in paradise where he is utilizing his ideals) might be the tenth manifestation implies the ‘Kalki Avatar/NisHkalank’ who will manifest toward the finish of Kalyug. He will drop by the request for God Kaal around there’, ‘close to Moradabad – U.P. in the place of the head of the city ‘Vishnu Dutt Sharma’ a preeminent Brahman. He will murder all despot and unfair individuals. Just a few people who will have dread of God will be highminded. He will leave them and will murder the remainder. Of this touching world, He will be the Savior and the Lord.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Significant:- God Kaal sends his commendable devout spirits from his lok. They are otherwise called manifestations. The manifestations of Kaal-Brahm obliterate the risen profaneness on earth through a slaughter. As Shri Ramchandra Ji and Shri Krishna Ji, Shri Parshuram Ji did, a similar Shri NiHkalank/Kalki Avatar will do. However, rather than harmony, distress rises. This is the strategy of the manifestations of Brahm (Kaal-Kshar Purush) to annihilate corruption and build up harmony. With this, unmistakably the normal Kalki Avatar won’t be of Lord Vishnu however of a devout soul sent by Kaal Satan, proprietor of these 21 Brahamands.

Fantasies in Vishnu Puran in regards to love of perished progenitors (performing custom of Shradh)

Hindus have faith in ‘Punarjanam’ (resurrection) and play out the custom of ‘Śrāddha’ for their expired predecessors which will alleviate spirits from the endless loop of birth and resurrection in 84 lakh living things. Allow us to break down specific legends seeing Śrāddha as referenced in Vishnu Puran by the unimportant.

Reference Shree Vishnu Puran distributed from Geeta press Gorakhpur, interpreter is Shree Munilal Gupt. Third part, section no. 16 Aurav Rishi advises to King Sagadh what ‘Pitras’ have advised him.

Page no. 213 – ‘O King, the individuals who perform Shradh, with them world Gods, pitras (precursors), grandma, relatives/family members all stay fulfilled. O Bhoopal, the establishment of progenitors is the moon and moon’s base is Yog, along these lines in shradh it is better than name parsimonious. O King, one who eats food during shradh, if before 1,000 Brahmans there is only one parsimonious (genuine admirer) at that point he alongside the hosts can vindicate everybody’.

Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Goddess Sita,
Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Goddess Sita,
History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

The technique of performing Śrāddha is referenced which will astound the perusers. Aurav Rishi advises about offering meat to perished progenitors during Śrāddha.

He says ’tissue of fishes, bunny, mongoose, pig, musk deer, dark deer, blue cow (the gazelle), the sheep, the cow, and so forth with these individually the perished predecessors are satiety profited and with the meat of ‘Varghani’ bird they generally stay fulfilled. O Narsheshwar, in shradh custom the meat of a Rhinoceros, kaalshak, and nectar are massively costly and give extreme delight’.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Page no. 214 – Vishnu Puran makes reference to that the milk of bison ought not be utilized while playing out the custom of shradh.

‘O King, that which is gotten the 12 PM, water which might be of undignified repository from which the cow can’t be fulfilled, from such a pit which has smelling or foam containing water that isn’t qualified to be utilized. One hoofed creature, cow-camel, sheep, hen and wild ox milk ought not be utilized while performing shradh custom’.

This unmistakably clarifies how low was the otherworldly information on prior sages.

Though the truth about Shraadh is that performing Shraadh are pointless, the individuals who do Shraadh don’t accomplish salvation. Performing customs like ‘Shradh’ and ‘Pind Daan’ aren’t right strict practices. Salvation of the spirit is unimaginable by performing Shradh custom.

It is referenced in Bhagavad Gita 9:25:- that ‘Admirers of the divine beings go to the divine beings, admirers of the precursors go to the predecessors, admirers of phantoms take birth among apparitions’.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Subsequently, Shradh ceremonies performed after one’s demise for the Salvation of a living being are useless.

God Kaal’s Supernatural Spectacles Evidence in Vishnu Puran

Ref:- Shreemad Bhagwat Gita, distributed from Geetapress Gorakhpur, interpreter is Jaidayal Goenka

This is about the furious clash of Mahabharata and the demolition that occurred. Master Vishnu is outfitted with Satogun, he is unassuming. He embodied as Lord Krishna never needed the fight to occur and put forth the entirety of his earnest attempts to determine the family tussle of Kauravas and Pandavas. Be that as it may, Kaal God is a backstabber. He is the Lord of 21 Brahamands and cheats guiltless spirits caught around there. He while going into the assortment of Lord Krishna like an apparition, showed his terrible structure (Gita section 11, Shloka 32) when champion Arjuna opposed facing conflict, Kaal terrified Arjuna and constrained him to face the conflict and did the entire debacle.

Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Goddess Sita,

How are Kaal’s Deeds Supernatural?

Allow us to break down how are Kaal’s deeds superhuman/heavenly.

Kaal God has swore he won’t ever show up before anybody in his unique structure, he stays covered up with his ‘Yogmaya’ and plays out the entirety of his assignments staying covered up (Gita part 7, Shloka 24-25). Kaal seems gaining the type of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva to their lovers, those guiltless searchers believe them to be the incomparable force and love them.

Ref:- Shree Vishnu Puran distributed from Geeta press Gorakhpur, interpreter is Shree Munilal Gupt. (video connect)

There are comparative confirmations of this backstabber Kaal God’s (Jyoti Niranjan) superhuman deeds referenced in Vishnu Puran. He does Leela (divine demonstration) and misinforms supporters. Allow us to survey how can he swindle?

Section 2, section 4, page no. 233, shloka 22-26

Aforetime, in Treta Yuga once a furious fight was battled among Gods and evil presences where incredible Gods were crushed by devils. They adored Lord Vishnu. The supreme, defender of entire world Shree Narayana satisfied with Gods, advised them ‘whatever you plan I have come to know, if it’s not too much trouble, tune in, I will somewhat manifest in the body of the fighter ruler Puranjay, the child of King Shashad and will totally annihilate each one of those villains, along these lines you get ready Puranjay for the slaughter of those beasts’.

Section 3, section 4, page no. 242, Shloka 4-6

Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Goddess Sita,

Aforetime, in Rasatal there used to dwell six crore Gandharvs named Maunay. They had held onto the whole power and fortune of the head of Naagkul (Snake Lineage). Offended by the courage of Gandharvas, those Nageshwars revered, after hearing their supplications His lotus-like blossoming heavenly eyes opened, stir toward the finish of profound rest, that God living submerged all preeminent gods bowed and Naag-gann (the head of the snake) said ‘how might the dread produced out of these Gandharvas be made?’ Then the genuine predominant God said (implies Kaal) ‘in the child of his Excellency Yuvnaashav named Purukuls, I will enter inside him and will obliterate totally those underhanded Gandharvas’.

Focuses to contemplate:- This Kaal went into the collection of Arjuna, Puranjay, and Purukuls separately and obliterated all fiends and Gandharvas. It is this Kaal (Satan/fallen angel) just who made the furious skirmish of Mahabharata occurred and is answerable for the entire annihilation. This is the means by which Kaal’s deeds are powerful. He is a backstabber. Guiltless fans stayed mixed up that it was Lord Vishnu who did everything and believing him to be the preeminent force kept commending and revering.

Indecencies Hindrance in the way to achieve Salvation-Vishnu Puran

How are indecencies obstacle in the way of Salvation?:- Every individual is conceived having temperances and indecencies. These indecencies are related with each viz:- Lust (Kaam), Anger (Krodh), Affection (Moh), Greed (Lobh) and Arrogance (Ahankaar), Joy-distress, love-disdain, pride-honor, benefit misfortune brought into the world from Trigun Maya which turns into an obstruction in the way of commitment consequently, hampering spirits in achievement of salvation.

Because of absence of Tatvagyan (genuine otherworldly information) attributes like haughtiness, outrage and being celebrated stayed at its top among sages and divinities. There is a parcel, after the skirmish of Mahabharata, Yudhishtir (the oldest child of Pandavas) was at distress since he use to have bad dreams.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

He looked for the arrangement from Krishan Ji who proposed him to perform ‘Yagya’ and hold a terrific gala and welcome all sages, Gandharva, divinities, and so on which may resolve his affliction. In any case, even in the wake of playing out, all went to no end, reason being indecencies common among all invitees.

Regardless of prior Rishis revered for lacs and crore years (did hathyoga) the indecencies in them didn’t stifled because of which they stayed in the endless loop of birth and resurrection and would never accomplish salvation. The scorn between incredible Rishi Vishwamitra and Rishi Vashishtha isn’t stowed away from the world. When Rishi Vashishtha Ji welcomed Rishi Vishwamitra Ji, ‘Come Raaj Rishi’. He felt so profoundly offended on this explanation that he killed hundred children of Rishi Vashishtha. Such a debacle is done exclusively by the beasts.

vishnu puran

Ref:- Shree Vishnu Puran distributed from Geeta Press Gorakhpur, interpreter is Shree Munilal Gupt, Chapter 4, Shloka 72-94

Sage Vashisht Ji reviled King Nimi of death out of pomposity, the lord, thusly reviled Sage Vashisht Ji of death and both kicked the bucket. The explanation being, Sage Vashisht was the minister of King Nimi. Ruler Nimi took a goal for performing ‘Yagya’ for a very long time and mentioned Vashisht Ji to perform Yagya. Simultaneously, Lord Indra (King of Gods) welcomed Sage Vashisht Ji to lead and perform Yagya for a very long time.

The covetous Rishi Vashisht Ji chose to perform Yagya for Lord Indra first, with the longing to get immense abundance and later of King Nimi. At the point when the ruler became more acquainted with he began performing Yagya by Rishi Gautam Ji for a very long time. In the wake of finishing Lord Indra’s 500 years Yagya when Rishi Vashisht Ji returned he saw some other sage playing out the custom and he got irritated. He reviled the King Nimi of death, thusly, the ruler likewise reviled something similar and both passed on.

Indecencies like haughtiness, outrage, scorn lead to death of both.

Imperative to note here is:-

Is outrage the attribute of sages?

Is giving condemnation an answer?

Can these indecencies assist spirits with accomplishing salvation?

Notwithstanding adoring for lacs and crore years (hathyoga) for what reason were the indecencies not repressed?

Is this method of love right?

What is that genuine love which assists aficionados with disposing of the endless loop of birth and resurrection from 84 lacs like structure?

Who can give that genuine method of love?


What are the genuine mantras of Salvation?

Devout Gita is the most confided in sacred texts among Hindus. In section 4, Shloka 34 it is referenced by the provider of the information on Gita that quest for a Tatvadarshi holy person (an edified Saint) and do genuine love as He gives, by which one accomplishes salvation. Gita Chapter 15, Shloka 17 notices about the Imperishable God who sustains the entire universe. He is just the everlasting God ie. Parameshwar qualified to be Worshipped by which spirits will be freed.

Genuine Tales in Vishnu Puran

Ref:- Shree Vishnu Puran distributed from Geeta press Gorakhpur, interpreter is Shree Munilal Gupt

Here we will illuminate the method of love done in Kaal’s district, for example, hathyog, grimness and other comparative Sadhnas. Prior sages performed Yagya, did contemplation, hathyog with which they may have acquired achievements yet indecencies in them stayed all things considered.

Story of Rishi Parasar and birth of Rishi Ved Vyas

Rishi Parashar who was the grandson of Rishi Vashisht Ji and child of Shakti Rishi got hitched. He became more acquainted with that his dad was ruthlessly killed by individuals of other station. Not long after getting hitched he chosen to surrender home to do Sadhana and achieve otherworldly powers. His better half said ‘we have recently been hitched and you are surrendering home for Sadhana, if it’s not too much

trouble, follow having youngsters’. He disagreed and told his better half that youngsters who will be brought into the world in the wake of doing Sadhana will bear honorable senses. After some time, I will send my semen (outfitted with profound force) through a crow, you may acknowledge it. He at that point ventured out from home and left to the woods. He did Sadhana for one year and acquired achievements, at that point he took out his semen, encashed it

on the leaf of a peepal tree, secured the semen by his otherworldly force (mantras) and provided for a crow to offer it to his better half and composed subtleties on a ‘taarpatra’ (palm leaf). The crow took it and flew, after intersection the waterway, another crow saw and assaulted him thinking he is conveying a piece of tissue in his snout. In this fight, the pressed semen dropped in the waterway and a fish ate it, she got pregnant.

Bharat Milap from Ramayana -
Bharat Milap from Ramayana –
History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Following nine months, an angler additionally the boatman got that pregnant fish in the web, cut her stomach from which came out an excellent child young lady. He brought her up as his little girl, minded like dad. She developed, at thirteen years old she used to bring nourishment for her dad and aided him in his work to take guests to other shore of the waterway in the boat. Her name was Satyawati, additionally Machhodri (since she was brought into the world from the stomach of a fish).

Following fourteen years Shri Parashar Ji returned subsequent to completing Sadhana. On coming to approach the waterway he called the boatman and told ‘rapidly take me across the stream’. The boatman around then was eating food, since leaving food in the middle would be the affront of food God (Ann Dev). The boatman knew well that these sages in the wake of performing Sadhana acquire profound forces and whenever rejected for wanted administrations they may get irritated and revile and obliterate everything. Hence, the boatman appointed this obligation to Machhodri. Machhodri also knew.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

She took Rishi Parashar Ji in boat. She was a little youngster of twelve years. In the wake of coming to in the stream the foul aim stirred in Rishi Parashar Ji towards the young lady brought into the world from his seed-power from fish (ie. his little girl). He set forth his longing to the young lady. Macchodri to save her honor disclosed to Rishi Ji that ‘you are a Brahmin, I am Shudra’ Rishi Ji under the impact of Rajoguna got defenseless and didn’t concurred. She further said that she smells foul of fish. Rishi Ji took some water from the stream, sprinkled

over the young lady and by his otherworldly force he completed the smell. At that point the young lady said ‘Rishi Ji, individuals are watching at the two finishes, it will be dishonorable’, Rishi Ji tossed some stream water in the sky and made mist in environmental factors with his otherworldly powers. He satisfied his craving with his girl in spite of the young lady revealed to him that she was brought into the world from a fish. Rishi Ji realized well that his semen ensured by mantra which was sent through crow had fallen in the stream and was eaten by the fish, at that point additionally he disregarded everything.

Back home the young lady notified her non-permanent mother the entire occurrence, who further described everything to her significant other. Macchodri told that the name of the Rishi was Parasar who is the grandson of Rishi Vashishth. At the point when the time showed up, that unmarried young lady brought forth a child who was named Vyas, who is prevalently known as Rishi Vyas.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Significant: Despite being learned and being a savvy he was unable to prevail upon the impact of Rajo Guna. He did hath yoga for a very long time acquired achievements, yet indecencies stayed all things considered. Additionally, everything in this current Kaal’s area is done strongly to honest spirits caught who become defenseless and are tricked. This marvel is available in all people in light of the impact of the brain (Kaal Niranjan).

jai hanuman

Noise Knowledge by Shree Parashar Rishi Ji-Vishnu Puran

Rishi Parashar Ji portrays the information on Vishnu Puran to Shree Maitreya Rishi Ji, which had been described by Daksh-and so on, Munis (diviners) to King Purukuts on the bank of stream Narmada. Purukuts described same to Sarasvat and Sarasvat disclosed to Rishi Parashar Ji, it’s all noise.

First Adhyay, Shlok no. 31, page no.3-Rishi Parashar Ji says this universe has started from Vishnu, it is arranged in him as it were. He just is the arranger of its state and musicality.

Adhyay 2, Shlok 15,16, page no.4-It is said ‘Gracious Dwij! The principal type of ParBraham has all the earmarks of resembling Purush for example God, yet ‘showed’ (to show up in Maha-Vishnu structure) and ‘unmanifested’ (to live in the imperceptible structure in genuine Kaal-structure in the twenty-first brahmand) are his different structures and ‘Kaal’ is his primary structure. God Vishnu who presents in Kaal-structure and showed and unmanifested structure, this is his honest endeavors.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Adhyay 2, Shlok 27, page no 5-Oh Maitreya! At the hour of obliteration, on Pradhaan’s for example Prakriti being arranged in a condition of balance for example on Purush’s being arranged independently from Prakriti, God Vishnu’s Kaal structure shows.

Adhyay 2, Shlok 28 to 30, page no 5-Immediately from there on (at the hour of creation) that ParBrahm Parmatma, the Universal structure, Omnipresent, Lord of every single living being, the general soul, Supreme God by His own longing going into the vikaari Pradhan and avikaari Purush upset them|| 28, 29|| Just as smell, in any event, when not dynamic, exclusively by its closeness unsettles the psyche; comparatively, Parmeshwar by His nearness impacts Pradhan and Purush || 30 ||

Adhyay 2 on page no. 8 Shlok 66 a similar God Vishnu, being Srishta (the maker – Brahma), does his own creation.

Shlok no. 70-It is composed – God Vishnu just is the person who does creation through Brahma and so on states. He just is made and he additionally bites the dust.

Adhyay 4 Shlok no. 4 on page 11-It is composed that there is some other Parmeshwar (Supreme God) who is likewise the Ishwar (God) of Brahma, Shiv, and so on Ishwars (Gods).

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Adhyay 4 Shlok 14-15, 17, 22 on page 11, 12-It is composed – Earth said, “Goodness one with Kaal appearance! Greetings to you. Goodness God! You just, for the creation, and so on of the universe, receive Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra structure. Whichever type of yours shows up in manifestation structure, the divine beings love that as it were. You just are Omkaar.

Adhyay 4 Shlok 50 on page 14-then that God Hari getting furnished with Rajogun, obtaining four-confronted Brahma structure, made the nature.

This depiction from Vishnu Puran affirms that Rishi Parashar Ji made Shri Vishnu Puran premise gossip information. (Purna Paramatma) the total God comes in every one of the four yugas, when He showed up in first Satyug He bestowed the genuine information to Lord Brahma Ji who revealed to some information along

with independent innovative information to his relatives. This progression of lokved arrived at Shri Parashar Ji who depicted Kaal just as ParBrahm as Lord Vishnu. The previously mentioned portrayal demonstrates that Vishnu ie. Kaal in Brahm structure produces nature by accepting birth as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahm Kaal himself shows up in three structures in Brahm Lok, does display (divine demonstration) and beguiles everybody. He additionally passes on, he isn’t everlasting (Gita Adhyay 8, Shloka 17).

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

In that very Brahm Lok, Brahm has made three spots. One is Rajogun ruled, second is Satogun ruled and third is Tamogun ruled where this very Kaal-structure Brahm, lives by getting his Maha-Brahma, Maha-Vishnu and Maha-Shiva structure separately keeping his better half Durga (Prakriti) in the structure as a spouse as Maha-Savitri, Maha-Laxmi and Maha-Parvati structure individually. The child brought into the world in Rajogun ruled spot from the association of Maha-Brahm (Kaal) and Maha-Savirti (Durga) structure is named Brahma.

Similarly, in Satogun overwhelmed place the child brought into the world from the association of Maha-Vishnu (Kaal) and Maha-Laxmi (Durga) structure is invested with Satgun and is named Vishnu. Essentially, when he lives in Tamogun overwhelmed place in Maha-Shiv/SadaShiv structure and keeps his significant other Durga in Maha-Parvati structure and name their child Shankar.

vishnu puran

Master Brahma’s job is to deliver living creatures in one brahmand. Ruler Vishnu’s job is to keep up the state in the three loks (Earth, Heaven and Nether World) in one brahmand. (Proof: Shiv Puran,

distributed by Gita Press Gorakhpur, Translator: Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Chiman Lal Goswami,

Rudra Sanhita Adhyay 6, 7 Page 102, 103). The part of Shankar Ji is to execute the living creatures of the

three loks and produce nourishment for this Kaal Satan.

In Vishnu Puran, the information up to Adhyay 4 is that of Kaal-structure Brahm for example of Jyoti Niranjan.

The blended information from Adhyay 5 onwards is of the heavenly demonstrations (leelas) of

the Kaal’s child Satgun Vishnu and is the information on his manifestations Shri Ram,

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Shri Krishna, and so forth Critical to note here is that even the information on only one brahmand is inadequate.

Master Brahma Ji gave the information on different Puranas too alongside Shree Devi Puran, Shree Shiv Puran, and so forth Subsequently, the information bestowed by Shri Parasar Ji in Vishnu Puran can not be like the information conveyed by Shri Brahma Ji. Subsequently, to comprehend Shri Vishnu Puran, assist will with being taken from Shri Devi Puran and Shri Shiv Puran. Since this information has been given by Daksh-and so on Rishis’ dad Shri Brahma Ji. To comprehend Shri Devi Puran and Shri Shiv Puran, help will be taken from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and the four Vedas. Since this information has been conferred by God Kaal-structure Brahm himself, who is the originator for example father of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

To comprehend the information on Holy Vedas and Holy Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Ji, we should take help from Swasam Ved for example Suksham Ved which has been given by Kaal-structure Brahm’s originator for example father Param Akshar Brahm (KavirDev); which SatPurush, on showing up, had Himself articulated through (KavirgirbhiH) Kavir Vaani/Kabir Speech. (Proof is in Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 16 to 20).

Genuine love a gift Vishnu Puran

shree krishna
Bal Shree Krishna

Story of Devotee Prahlad

Genuine love holds no limits, regardless of whether a sage or somebody who drives the day to day life, can accomplish salvation gave he/she gets commitment from a Tatvadarshi holy person (a genuine otherworldly pioneer) and adores as per heavenly sacred texts. Vishnu Puran gives proof where different well known legends who had done genuine love, driving an everyday life have achieved salvation. Along these lines, the legend as per fables that lone sages/holy people can achieve God is refuted. Anybody and every individual who does the genuine love can be honored to accomplish God, thus salvation. In the way of genuine dedication marriage and day to day life isn’t a prevention yet people bearing malicious lead isn’t right.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Enthusiast Prahalad was the child of Hiranyakashipu (the shrewd evil presence lord) and Kayadu. Hiranyakashipu was allowed a shelter by Lord Brahma that he can’t be killed by anybody whether a man or a creature, neither during day time nor during night, neither from anything brought into the world from the living belly, neither ashore or in the water, nor noticeable all around, either outside or inside even not with the man-made weapon. Hiranyakashipu became presumptuous and believed himself to be the interminable God. He used to abuse his child Prahalad on the grounds that he doesn’t need him to love Lord Vishnu however to venerate him. Prahalad was an aficionado of Lord Vishnu.

A plot, when a potter was planning mud pitchers in fire. Scarcely any cats were in one of the pots about which the potter was unconscious and he kept that ceramic in the fire. At the point when the feline, the mother of those cats came and saw her little cats’ pot is kept in the fire she began shouting. The spouse of the potter was unassuming hearted, she being the mother completely understood the torment of the feline, consequently implored God to save cats. Simultaneously, Prahalad was passing from that point. He saw and requested

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

the spouse from potter that ‘would god be able to save these little cats from consuming?’ she answered ‘yes God can do anything’, he said if these cats will be saved I will concur there is God, else you need to accept that my dad Hiranyakashipu is God and love him, (because of monstrous pressing factor by one way or another, for quite a while he imagined that his dad also may be God). This was the showing given in his gurukul by his coaches Sanda-Marka.

It was all the exhibition of the Supreme God (KavirDev) to bring his dear enthusiast Prahalad in His shelter. Before long the virus breeze blew and that quenched the fire. The third day, when it was looked, all cats were discovered safe. This upgraded Prahalad’s conviction that God is massively amazing and He can do anything.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

His dad might be a ruler however he can’t be God, he was unable to save little cats from a fire. He told his coaches Sanda-Marka that whatever they are instructing isn’t right (love Hiranyakashipu as God). He will just love Lord Vishnu as he is incomparable. This engraved the tussle between the dad and the child. Be that as it may, Prahalad was a firm fan. Indeed, even in the most noticeably awful circumstance and notwithstanding his dad was savage he didn’t leave adoring Lord Vishnu.

He was bearing all outrages and torment of his dad. At the point when fan Prahalad accomplished the age of ten years, one day during sunset the incomparable God (KavirDev) obtaining the type of Narasimha God (man-lion delusion) showed up from a column, killed haughty Hiranyakashipu saved Prahlad from his pitiless dad. Preeminent God (KavirDev) favored Prahalad, he administered from there on, he turned into the King. Later aficionado Prahalad got hitched, did genuine love and achieved the everlasting spot.

Story of Devotee Dhruv

Enthusiast Dhruv was brought into the world in Satyug to the King Uttanpad and Queen Suniti, a strict and humble female. Ruler Uttanpad had two spouses, the second was Suruchi (sister of Suniti) who was a desirous and abnormal woman. Both had a child each. Dhruv alongside his mom was kept in a different house because of abuse by Suruchi. They were given just 1.25 mann grains to endurance. One day Dhruv’s auntie (Suruchi) abused with

him and discarded him from the slip by of his dad. He went to his mom crying and portrayed the entire episode. His mom advised ‘it is their seat and not our own’, at that point Dhruv scrutinized his mom ‘who gave the seat to my dad?’ His mom told this is God’s display, it is He just who sustains everybody.

History of Vishnu (Supreme Godhead)

Since that day, Dhruv ventured out from home with the yearning to get realm. It is referenced in Vishnu Puran that Dhruv’s cousin sibling Uttam got related with him however was killed after some time by some political foes.

Dhruv was five years of age when he was venerating in wildernesses and was honored by preeminent God (KavirDev) who appeared to him and graced him the seat. Developed youthful Dhruv was hitched and lead a glad everyday life. He did genuine love and achieved salvation.

Significant:- With genuine love of preeminent God (KavirDev) one achieves all solaces here in this life too, and furthermore accomplishes the unceasing harmony (Salvation). Just incomparable God can give everything gave one remaining parts committed.

vishnu purana

Focuses to Ponder – Vishnu Puran

Certain realities uncovered in Vishnu Puran

The speaker of Shree Vishnu Puran is Shri Parasar Ji who is the regarded father of Shri Krishan Dwepayan ie. Ved Vyas Ji

Shree VedVyas Ji is the essayist of eighteen Puran alongside four Vedas, Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and Shreemad Bhagawat Sudha Sagar

The supplier of the information on all Puran is Lord Brahma (child of Kaal-Jyoti Niranjan)

Information on all Puran is a similar given by Brahma Ji, which by overhearing people’s conversations was passed on by different Rishis as heard. It contains their own encounters also.

The speaker of Vishnu Puran ie. Rishi Parasar Ji didn’t had Tatvagyan (genuine profound information) because of which he makes reference to Brahm to be ParBrahm and Vishnu and Param Akshar Brahm as Kaal-Brahm, while proof demonstrate that total God ie. Param Akshar Braham, the Almighty God, the maker, the sustainer of the entire universe is somebody other than Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush.

The total making of the entire universe as depicted by Supreme God KavirDev Ji is referenced in Vishnu Puran.

Shreemad Bhagwad Gita specifies about Tat Braham ie. Param Akshar Brahm in Adhyay 7, Shloka 29, Adhyay 8, Shloka 1,3,8,9 and 10, Adhyay 15 Shloka 1,4,16 and 17. About a similar Param Akshar Brahm it is referenced in Vishnu Puran (section one) Adhyay 22, Shloka 54-55.


Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 12-15: The love of the three Gods Rajgun Shri Brahma Ji,

Satgun Shri Vishnu Ji and Tamgun Shri Shiv Ji has been supposed to be worthless.

Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 18: The supplier of the information on Gita even called his bhakti as Anuttam (mediocre/terrible).

The above proof from Vishnu Puran has clarified that blameless fans erroneously adored Lord Vishnu. Consequently, they were not a long way from indecencies and endured a great deal all through their life.

It was just the preeminent God (KavirDev) who favored them around then. He annihilated profaneness through obvious otherworldly information.

He gave them genuine love by which they all have a glad existence till they stayed on earth lastly

accomplished that incomparable harmony, the everlasting spot Satlok.

Today Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj is the lone manifestation of Supreme God (Param Akshar

Brahm) who has slipped on earth to free spirits. Recognize Him, take His asylum and be honored.

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